Why Your Cat Keeps Meowing For No Reason

I’ve observed the difference between my cats and in each of my cat over time when it comes to meowing. Charlie, on one hand, is a very vocal fella. He will let you know when he’s hungry, he will let you know when he missed you, he will talk back to you when you call him. Nala, on the other hand, doesn’t meow much but she will when she wants fresh water from the tap, when the litter box is dirty and when she sees prey.

There are many reasons why your cat might be meowing non stop, including serious reasons that might mean you should take your cat to the vet or silly reasons. The short answer is, your cat will meow for no reason if he/she is sick, bored and wants to play, hungry or thirsty, stressed, or just wants to converse with you.

Read the reasons below as to why your cat might be meowing and try to gauge whether it’s serious or your cat is just being a cat. If it’s serious, you should take your cat to the vet. Read on to determine why your cat might be meowing.

Why Your Cat Keeps Meowing For No Reason

Your cat is just being a cat

Frankly, your cat might just be bored and wants to play with you. Charlie does that all the time. In fact, he starts to meow and then yawn mid-yawn, which tells me he’s just tired and bored. Charlie is a Maine Coon mix, and Maine Coons are known to be very vocal. So your cat might just be a very vocal breed of cat.

If your cat is a vocal cat, you’ll find that your cat likes to converse with you. Charlie follows me everywhere like a guard dog and when I notice him sitting around me with his back turned to me, I call out, “Charlieeeee” and he turns his head and goes, “meow?” (and then yawns again). And we exchange a few human talk and meow talk back and forth a few times thereafter.

Although your cat wouldn’t be meowing in a sustained manner, don’t rule out that your cat might be seeing a prey or might have just seen a prey and is meowing as a natural reaction. And especially for indoor cats, if they can’t attack their prey, they might be redirecting their aggression for that reason.

Your cat is telling you to do a better job of taking care of them

Besides being just a cat, if your cat’s needs are not being met, he/she might feel inclined to tell you about it. The most obvious is when your cat is hungry or thirsty. Especially if your cat is an indoor cat, you’re the only provider of food and drink for them, so if they’re not being fed at the routine scheduled time of the day, then they’re going to let you know!

If you have a princess cat on your hands like I do, then you’ll know what I mean when I tell you that Nala shakes and cleans her paws on the ledge of the litter box, on the wall, and on the carpet endlessly after she goes to the bathroom. So if the litter box is not clean, she will sit right by the litter box and meow. I am very diligent about scooping the litter twice a day – once in the morning on my way out and once at night when I’m throwing out my own trash. But if I skip one time and there’s a clump of poop that I haven’t picked up yet, Nala will meow until I clean it up. What can I do but to meet their demands…

Even though your cat does his or her own thang, trust me… it’s a myth that cats don’t want anything to do with you. Indoor cats love their human companion even if they’re not the touchy, feely type. So, your domesticated indoor cat might be easily stressed if he/she is not getting the attention and just like humans, if they don’t have a routine, they might be stressed from that.

Your cat is going through changes

If your female cat isn’t spayed, one of the most obvious reasons why she might be meowing for no reason is that she is in heat. She will act more affectionate than usual, pacing around, and rubbing her back on the floor. And she will meow or yowl for no apparent reason. Female cats are in heat (if they’re not spayed) generally from beginning of the year until Fall, every few weeks for anywhere from 1 to 7 days each time. Similar to a human menstrual cycle… Male cats do not go into heat.

One time when I visited a vet while living in the Valley in California, the vet told me about her cat changing her personality completely after a month apart when the vet was on vacation. She said it’s normal to find cats change their personality over time as they mature or as they experience different circumstances. So, ask yourself – has there been a significant event that occurred which could have triggered a change in personality in your cat?

Sadly, another reason why your cat is meowing for no apparent reason might because of old age. Just like humans, when they become senior cats, they might also get cognitive dysfunction. And unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about that.

Your cat is in pain

This is the serious part that you should really pay attention to your cat’s demeanor in order to gauge if your cat is sick. If your cat’s gait has changed suddenly or if her insides are hurting, he/she might be meowing because of that.

A common illness from old age is hyperthyroidism, which is an overproduction of thyroid hormones. This enlarges the thyroid glands in the throat which makes it painful for your cat to eat or drink anything.

If you notice a lot of flakey skin, your cat’s skin might be irritated from dryness or a deficiency in certain nutrients.

There are other diseases that might be affecting your cat. Pay attention to whether your cat meows at a certain time of the day or after a certain activity and whether the meow is light and playful sounding or it it is more low-pitched than usual and long-drawn out.

Your cat is stressed and anxious

If your cat is anxious or stressed, he/she will show it by meowing or hiding in a dark place somewhere.

If you need to check that your cat is okay, but your cat is out of reach for you to pick them up, try these methods to get your cat to come out of hiding.

When You Should Take Your Cat To The Vet

You want to really keep an eye out for symptoms and signs in addition to the excessive meowing that signals that your cat is sick.

If your cat keeps meowing for no reason all of a sudden and in combination, you also notice your cat suddenly not eating or eating too much, not sleeping or sleeping too much, i.e. any sudden change in behavior, this should raise concern for you take your cat to the vet.

Also, observe over a few days or coming weeks if the meowing continues and also you observe weight loss, hair loss, change in the way they walk or the way they rest their body.

Personality wise, if your cat is suddenly completely disinterested in playing with their favorite toy that you’re dangling in front of them or your cat hides in seclusion like under the bed, then that also should raise concern.

Other signs include if your cat vomits often and often have diarrhea.

Again, these are all the symptoms and signs you should be looking out for if your cat keeps meowing for no reason. As mentioned above, your cat might not be in a serious conditions and the meowing might just be because your cat is behaving like a typical cat or your cat is going through natural changes in their body. But if in addition to the meowing, you observe these behaviors, then it’s worth taking your cat to the vet to have him/her checked out.

What To Do About The Meowing If Your Cat Is Not Sick

Well, if your cat’s not sick, then hallelujah! What you should do it give them lots of love, like always!

But in seriousness, the best advice I’ve taken in my years of raising cats is when they meow excessively and I know it’s because of cat reasons like they’re hungry, I would pick them up and give him affection. For instance, Charlie is always meowing and begging for food. When he does, I pick him up, I talk to him (even though he has no clue or gives rat’s ass about what I’m saying to him), put him back down, look at him in the eyes, pet him and then walk away. That way, he doesn’t associate his meowing for me giving in and presenting his majesty with food.

If your cat is meowing because he/she is actually begging for food, then feed him/her smaller portions at frequent feeding times. That’s one of the ways you can address a forever hungry cat meowing all the time to eat. Here are 11 EASY TRICKS that actually work (that I use on Charlie) when you have a hungry beggar cat on your hands!

One level up from associating meowing with affection is to reward your cat for being quiet. It’s quite hard to do to help your cat make that association, but it’s worth a try.

I must sound like a broken record, but have a scheduled routine for your cat! Play with your cat, then when you tired him/her out, it’s feeding time, which will then prompt their own grooming time and then sleep. Repeat this 3 times a day in equal intervals of time throughout the 24 hour day. This will alleviate stress and allow your cat to get used to the daily routine and hopefully any stress that was causing your cat to meow for no reason will dissipate.

If you observe any of the combination of symptoms as mentioned above, such as diarrhea, not eating, hair loss, hiding, etc, then please take your cat to the vet to have him/her checked out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. I took Nala to the vet when I saw an excessive amount of dandruff (not dander), and of course, on the day that I take Nala to the vet, the vet finds no dandruff… I must’ve seemed like a hallucinating hypochondriac, but I don’t care as long as my cats are happy and healthy.

Finally, play with your cat!!! Many cat owners don’t take the time everyday to have quality playing time with your cat. This is so crucial for indoor cats. And admittedly, I’m not so good at keeping up with it for at least 30 minutes everyday as I should. I will skip days or only play with them for 10 minutes because I’m also tired from work. But there are so many benefits to playing with your cat, especially to the point of them exhausted from running around that they are panting.

Some of the benefits is that if your cat is meowing for no reason because he/she is bored or lonely, then by playing with him/her, you’ll satisfy that need for your cat and you guys will bond even more. Also, another benefit is that if your cat does play with you, then chances are, your cat is not sick and is just vying for your attention.


If you find your cat meowing for no reason, then make sure your cat is just behaving like a typical cat and isn’t meowing because he/she is sick. If your cat is bored or wants your attention or is hungry or is in heat, all of these reason will prompt your cat to meow. In that case, play with them, don’t give in to the meowing and instead, give him affection. And make sure to implement a daily routine consisting of playing, feeding, grooming and sleeping 3 times a day everyday.

However, if you observe a combination of other symptoms in addition to the meowing, such as not eating, or eating too much, sleeping too much, hiding, diarrhea, vomiting, basically any sudden change in behavior, then please take your cat to the vet to have him/her checked out.

I hope you found this post helpful. My goal is to help as many cats in this world as possible to be healthy and happy! Happy cat, happy life… (Don’t worry, I can say this and you can say it to too without judgment. You’re in a safe place here…)