What Is The Best Cat For Someone With Allergies

If your boyfriend’s only excuse to not get a cat is because he’s allergic, then throw this in his face! You can get a cat breed that won’t trigger allergies. In this day and age, you can be a cat lady and be in a relationship.

What is the Best Cat for Someone with Allergies?

The best cat for someone with allergies is a cat that produces less dander. That includes a breed that produces less dander and female cats because they produce less dander than male cats. The cat breeds that produce less dander are Balinese, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Javanese, Oriental Short-Hair, Russian Blue, Siberian, and Sphynx. 

best cat breed for someone with allergies

What Causes Cat Allergy?

Cat allergies arise due to proteins called Fel d1 and Fel d4. Fel d1 protein is produced in the cat’s skin. So when the cat’s skin becomes really dry and flakes off, the dried dead skin cells, which is dander, causes allergies. Fel d4, on the other hand, is a protein produced by the salivary glands, although there are new studies that consider whether Fel d4 is also produced in the skin and is only found in the saliva from the cat licking itself during grooming.

Long story short, if you’re in the market for a new cat and you want to choose a cat that is hypoallergenic, then you want to get:

1. A cat that produces less Fel d1 and Fel d4 proteins, which are the culprits for causing allergies

2. A cat that doesn’t shed as much

3. A female cat because she produces less of the allergenic protein than male cats

So what are cat breeds that possess the above traits? But first, a question that’s probably on your mind…

Hypoallergenic Cats? 

With all this advancement in the field of science and artificial intelligence, there has to be some new breed of cat developed by scientists that is completely hypoallergenic, right? There’s even a cat clone called “CC” for crying out loud.

But the sad truth is, no. There is no such thing as a cat that does not produce any allergenic protein. So, until then, you’ll have to settle for a cat breed that is not as prone to causing allergic reactions in humans.

Now that we’ve all been disappointed, here are the best cats for someone with allergies.



Size: Medium (~12 pounds, 5.4 kg)

Hair: Medium length and silky soft

Temperament: Highly intelligent, likes to play and interact with humans (but could knock things off the shelf), independent, and active (could get bored easily unless you play with it or have a lot of toys and high plateaus to perch on).

Average lifespan: ~20 years

Unique Characteristic: Fluffy tail

Cuddle-o-meter: Low

Cornish Rex

cat breed for someone with allergies

Picture courtesy of petfinder.com.

Size: Small (~7 pounds, 3.2kg)

Hair: Short length and silky soft and wavy

Temperament: Very friendly and playful, affectionate with humans, likes to play, agile and very active (could also knock things off the shelf if you don’t play!)

Average lifespan: ~12 years

Unique Characteristic: Short but wavy hair

Cuddle-o-meter: Low

Devon Rex

cat breeds for someone with allergies

Size: Small (~8 pounds)

Hair: Short length and wavy, similar to Cornish Rex

Temperament: Friendly and loyal, loves to be around humans and seeks warm areas for added warmth due to its thin hair, is dog-like in that it keeps itself busy when humans aren’t around or available to play

Average lifespan: ~12 years

Unique Characteristic: Alien-like with bulgy eyes and big cupped ears on an tiny face

Cuddle-o-meter: High (wants your body heat!)


cat breeds for someone with allergies

Picture courtesy of petfinder.com. 

Size: Medium (~12 pounds)

Hair: Long hair

Temperament: Highly intelligent (can be trained), very talkative especially when it’s annoyed, will talk back to the human, very loyal and will follow around its owner

Average lifespan:

Unique Characteristic: Blue eyes, is prone to a genetic effect called endocardial fibroelastosis and protrusion of the cranial sternum

Cuddle-o-meter: Medium

Oriental Short-Hair 

cat breeds for someone with allergies

Size: Smallish Medium (~10 pounds)

Hair: Guess… short hair!

Temperament: Intelligent, playful and social, likes interacting with humans and being in a group of cats, their slender and muscular bodies make them active and athletic

Average lifespan: ~12 years

Unique Characteristic: Triangular-shaped face, large ears and almond-shaped eyes

Cuddle-o-meter: High

Russian Blue

cat breeds for someone with allergies

Size: Medium (~13 pounds)

Hair: Double coat that’s short but dense and silky

Temperament: Very affectionate and loves humans, shows sympathy by patting the human’s face with its paw, keeps itself busy when home alone, is shy around strangers and doesn’t like change, is very picky about hygiene

Average lifespan: ~18 years

Unique Characteristic: Dense coat that makes the cat appear bigger than it actually is. Eyes as a kitten are yellow, then at 4 months, there’s a green ring around the pupils, and then as an adult, eyes turn bright green

Cuddle-o-meter: High


cat breeds for someone with allergies

Size: Medium-ish Large (~15 pounds)

Hair: Semi-long and plush

Temperament: Intelligent, agile and muscular

Average lifespan: ~14 years

Unique Characteristic: Loves to play with water

Cuddle-o-meter: Hit or a miss


cat breeds for someone with allergies

Size: Medium (~10 pounds)

Hair: Hairless

Temperament: Loves attention and affection from humans, loyal, doesn’t like being left alone, highly acrobatic, friendly, and has a great sense of humor

Average lifespan: ~12 years

Unique Characteristic: Erm, duh… No hair!

Cuddle-o-meter: High


There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat. Until science proves otherwise, you’ll have to choose from the cat breeds listed above that produce less Fel d1 and Fel d4 protein that cause allergic reactions in human and shed less, which means less dander.

In order to minimize dander in your home, I suggest you double down on allergy proofing your home with an air purifier with HEPA filter 99.7% or a vacuum with HEPA filter 99.9%, which you can read about the ones I use here.

Please visit petfinder.com to look for a cat to adopt. They have breeds of all kinds, including those above.

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