Best Natural Cat Litter


best natural biodegradable cat litter

For a while after I adopted Nala & Charlie, I bought the cheapest litter at the store. Then after about a year, I started researching about cat litters and was astounded to find the health impact of cat litter on your cats.

I then went on somewhat of a journey to find the best natural cat litter but that was still affordable enough. After trying about 15 different types and brands of cat litter, including the popular biodegradable corn kernels, I landed on my favorite one.

Best Natural Cat Litter (My Favorite) – ÖKOCAT

My favorite USED to be the sWheat Scoop All Natural Cat Litter. But, since then I’ve discovered something better.

But step aside, sWheat Scoop. There’s a new favorite in town.

Now, I HIGHLY recommend the ökocat natural clumping wood litter. 

I switched over to ökocat a few months ago, and boy, am I glad I did.

I thought the wheat litter was good, but ökocat natural clumping wood is way more effective.

Why I love ökocat litter:

  1. It’s made out of 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable wood shavings.
  2. It clumps both pee and poo extremely well.
  3. It’s super effective in capturing odor.
  4. It’s light in color so I can see all the pieces of poo to scoop up and throw out.
  5. It’s very lightweight, so you’re not breaking your back pouring it into the litter box.
  6. The price is very reasonable for an all-natural cat litter.
  7. It lasts longer than any cat litter I’ve used – I can use the same batch for 3-4 weeks (with top offs in the middle to keep the float high enough in the litter box).

I order the 19.8lbs (9kg) ökocat. Honestly, this is by far my favorite cat litter.

It comes in a box, so you can easily flatten and recycle it, which is an added bonus.

Soft vs Clumping Wood

Note that ökocat has several types of the wood litter, ranging from soft and light wood shaving to bigger clumpy litter. 

The 2 that I tried are the pink super soft wood:

natural wood clumping cat litter

and the blue regular, which has bigger clumps:

best natural cat litter biodegradable

Where Nala & Charlie go to take care of business.The pink super soft one clumps really well and is really lightweight, but it does get everywhere when the cats jump out of the litter box.

I personally prefer the super soft one, but I like the blue regular one too.

Both are superior to other brands and types of litter I’ve used.

What Didn’t Make The Cut (From My Experience Using Them)

Of the many, many different cat litter I’ve tried, here are my thoughts on some of the more popular ones.

  • sWheat Scoop – This used to be my favorite for a while, because it is natural and not toxic. But, the major con of this is that it doesn’t last long in odor control. I would say after about a week and a half, the smell of ammonia starts to get pretty unbearable. One other negative is that if you wait a while after your cat pees, then the clump gets hard and easy to pick up. But if you want to pick up the litter within a few hours of your cat peeing, then the clump hasn’t formed yet.
  • Tidy Cats LightWeight – For a while, I used to buy the Tidy Cats LightWeight because of the convenience of carrying it home easily from the store. Works pretty well. Clumps well and has a strong lavender scent that captures the odor. BUT try smelling it when you pour it into the litter box. I got a headache from inhaling a cloud of the lavender chemical. Imagine how bad the chemical must be for your cats.
  • World’s Best Cat Litter – This is a hugely popular cat litter. I used this for a while as well. But that was before I discovered sWheat Scoop. World’s Best is made of whole-kernel corn, so it’s natural and biodegradable. But 2 problems I found with this one. First, it’s not as good as trapping odor. The ammonia smell from the pee is strong after a couple of days even after you’ve thrown out the pee clump. Second, it’s EXPENSIVE. Like $3-4 per pound compared to less than $1 per pound for sWheat Scoop.
  • Blue’s Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Litter – Another natural cat litter is the walnut based litter. I used this a few times but was definitely disappointed. It does not clump the pee well. And because it’s dark, you can’t see the small pieces of poo that your cat has left for you in the litter box. It’s a treasure hunt that you don’t want to take part in. So then my cats would step in the clumps of poo that don’t get scooped up by me because they’re not visible to the naked eye!
  • Fresh News Newspaper Litter – This cat litter isn’t “natural” but it is recycled and mainly composed of paper, so I tried it to see what it was like. Surprisingly, this little newspaper pellets work really well as cat litter. It clumps the poo quite well. But just as I suspected, the newspaper pelle did not clump the pee. The pellets that came into contact with the pee absorbed the pee to prevent puddling at the bottom of the litter box. But because the pellets didn’t dry quickly, a huge amount of the pellets remained wet with pee. That meant I had to scoop out almost a quarter of the the pee-ridden pellets in the litter box. It was a waste and costly to keep replacing.