Best Grooming Tools For Cats

best grooming tools for cats

There are so many benefits to grooming your cat gently. To mention a few, it’s bonding time for you and your cat. Clipping their nails keeps your furniture from getting damaged. And, brushing your cat’s hair promotes natural oil production so your cat’s skin doesn’t get dry and flakey.

Grooming your cat should be easy and shouldn’t take long. If you’re lazy, then start out a couple of times a month and gradually make your way up to a few times a week as a good routine.

What Does Grooming Involve?

Grooming an indoor cat is simple. At a minimum, grooming can consist only of 3 things:

  1. Brushing your cat
  2. Clipping their nails
  3. Wiping their skin with dander wipes

First and foremost, remember to handle your cat gently. Your cat is very sensitive to loud sounds, sudden movements and rough handling.

Brushing Your Cat’s Hair

The reason I have to brush Charlie’s hair is because if I don’t, his hair gets everywhere. In order to manage his hair in my food and in my eyeball at times, I have to take preventive measures and deshed the undercoat and brush away the loose hair.

And the benefits to brushing your cat’s hair is that it:

  • Promotes natural oil production leaving your cat’s fur silky smooth and reducing dry flakey skin
  • Prevents hair tangling and matting up into clumps
  • Creates bonding time between you and your cat
  • Gets your cat comfortable with the human touch
  • Prevents less hairball throw-up

There are 3 products I use for brushing and managing their hair from going everywhere:

  1. Furminator Deshedding Tool, which desheds the undercoat.
  2. Four Paws Magic Coat Wire Brush, which gathers all the hair that’s been deshed using the Furminator.
  3. Deshedding Gloves, which is a new item I purchased recently as I was a sucker for it on an Instagram ad. And, it is amazing!best cat grooming toolscat shedding glove

Wiping Off Cat Dander

Dander wipes are super helpful in reducing allergen. It also helps to reduce dry flakey skin, because the natural dander wipes contain aloe vera and oatmeal-base. There are a few popular wipes and spray but after trying them out, my favorite is still the Burt’s Bees Dander Reducing Wipes.

To use this, you just take a wipe and rub on the skin, really get under the hair but gently.

Nail Clippers

Finally, the fifth and last grooming tool I use is of course, nail clippers. You can buy any from the pet store. There are 2 different types – the one that looks like mini scissors and the other one that looks like a hand stress reliever. I like the ones that are like mini scissors like this.

I clip my cat’s nails about once every 3 weeks or so.

Schedule a Routine

So, overall, super simple grooming routine. As a summary, get into the habit of scheduling a routine to groom your cat with these simple techniques:

  1. Brush your cat’s hair once a week with the Furminator deshedding tool followed by the wire brush.
  2. Brush your cat’s hair twice a week with the deshedding gloves.
  3. Use the dander reducing wipes once a week.
  4. Clip your cat’s nails every 3 weeks.