Best Cat Tree For Large Cats

best cat tree for large cats

A high vertical cat tree allows cats to feel confident. Otherwise, you may end up with a cat who’s always nervous and scared.

It can help make a cat feel safe because it’s designated a cat place that humans and other pets can’t go.

I got my cats two different cat trees, and I’m pleased with both.

I highly recommend the  73” Cat Tree for Large Cats and the 67″ Go Pet Club Cat Condo, both from Amazon. I’ll review each below.

After a long time researching and comparing, including in physical pet stores, these two are the most affordable under $100 that is over 6 feet.

They are sturdy for 2 cats, of which one of them is 18 pounds. And this cat tree comes with scratching posts and condos, so you get 3-in-1.

The delivery was hassle-free and the assembly was very easy.

Why Cats Need a Cat Tree (Every Cat Needs One!)

Cats are instinctively hunters. As hunters in the wild, they need to climb up to a high vantage point, survey the area for prey, and ever so quietly attack their prey with one swift movement.

They have the body that allows them to navigate around height as well.

If they jump or fall from a high place, their body allows them to twist and land on their feet (watch it in slow motion!)

Seeing what’s happening around them makes them feel reassured that they’re not in some unknown area where they might get attacked.

Best Cat Tree For Large Cats

For the price, it was too good to be true.

And I was weary that such large parts would be delivered all in one piece from China on Amazon.

So I read reviews, I compared options, I checked the ratings of the sellers (mostly were from China), and looked through page after page of search results.

The reviews were good, but at the end of the day, I just had to buy it and see for myself.

But I didn’t have anything to worry about!

I bought 2 different ones which I talk about below.

73″ Cat Tree for Large Cats

I bought the first one back in 2015 and although the cat tree has now turned into the leaning tower of Pisa, hey, it’ still going strong.

best cat tree for multiple cats

Olaf & Bunny hanging out for scale. Totally worth the $60.

Delivery & Assembly

When it came in the mail, all the parts were removed and they came in several big boxes. Assembling it was a breeze. It came with instructions which showed you which piece to connect to the other, but just looking at the finished product was enough to figure it out on your own.

You don’t need any tools as they already have screws or holes for the screws built in. The screws are the long fat ones that don’t have a pointy end.

best cat tree


Very very economical compared to other cat trees out there in physical stores and even online. For example, the one over 6 feet at Petco is $150 + tax (that’s when it’s on sale). Um, NO THANKS.


No tools needed. The cylindrical screws just need to be twisted on and attached to other pieces. You can do it on your own. Doesn’t take 2 people to do it. Comes in several big boxes. Turn on some music and turn your mind off; it’s actually quite a relaxing and meditative exercise to put the pieces together.

best cat climber | best kitty condo


It’s the tallest one I could find for the most bang for your buck. Nala and Charlie always fight to be the one on top. It’s game over when Charlie sits on Nala, but Nala puts on a good fight.

Built-In Cat Scratcher

The poles are all wrapped in rope, so the cats absolutely love using them as a scratching post.

67″ Sturdy Cat Tree for Multiple Cats

The second one I got is slightly shorter at 67″ but it’s sturdier than the first one, so it accommodates both cats well without leaning.

best cat tree for multiple cats

Delivery & Assembly

Again, delivery and assembly were very easy. They delivered it in a couple of large boxes.

(By the way, a tip is: when I get cat stuff delivered in the mail and has carpet or fabric material, I like to first spray it with Vet’s Best Flea & Tick treatment spray and let it stand for a day before assembling.)

And assembling was the same. They came with screws that you screw into the pole and to the board by hand.


Similar to the 73 inch cat tree, the price for the quality is amazing. You can’t buy something this tall and sturdy at a physical pet store for under $100.


Standing tall at 67″, it provides a really good vantage point for the cats.

Built-In Cat Scratcher

These poles are also all wrapped in rope, so there are built-in scratching posts that the cats use all the time. 


One other advantage of this particular cat tree is that you can mix and match the set up of the cat tree.

You can have it like this as they tell you in the instructions:

best cat condo for 2 cats

Or, you can assemble it so that you have 2 separate waist-high scratching posts:

best scratching posts cat tree

best scratching post cat tree for multiple cats cheap cat tree

I hope you found this review of the 73″ cat tree and the 67″ cat tree helpful!

I do prefer the 67″ cat tree because it’s sturdier, takes up less floor space, and you can mix and match it to multiple cat trees.

Anyway, I hope your cat(s) get as much enjoyment out of the cat tree/cat condo as my Nala & Charlie do!