Recommended Cat Stuff

best cat products

I have spent hundreds of hours researching the best products for Charlie and Nala. Call me crazy (cat lady) but they are my emotional support, so they deserve the best.

They’ve tried numerous different brands of cat food, cat litter, litter box, and every type of toy out there.

As I preach over and over again in all my posts, indoor cats are not low maintenance. You can’t just free feed them and call it a day. You need to change their litter at least once a day everyday and they need plenty of mental stimulation. That means playing with them for a MINIMUM of 15 minutes a day everyday with the type of toys they like.

Your home should be cat-proofed to not only protect your furniture from getting destroyed but to also provide infrastructure as part of your home’s design that keeps your cats happy.

But don’t get me wrong. I do have other things going on in my life besides my cats (contrary to popular belief among my family), so I’m all about convenience and time-savers as long as it benefits both myself and my cats.

This includes trying an automatic litter box, only to find out that it involved even more clean-up than a regular litter box. So now I have my own system which has been the easiest and cleanest way to maintain cat litter boxes.

It would be such a waste after having invested so much of my time, research, and money in finding the best products and methods to raise my cats if I didn’t share them with other cat owners to enrich the lives of their cats.

One more thing to note is that although I don’t cheap out on food and litter, I am still quite cost-conscious, so I may not recommend the top of the line products because I myself don’t use those. Instead. For example, if it comes to air purifiers used to reduce cat allergen, I don’t use the most expensive one found on the internet with glowing 5-star reviews. Instead after thorough research, I use the one that’s more affordable with a 4-star review.

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, without further ado, here are Charlie & Nala’s recommended products, all tried, tested and recommended only if I actually use them.