Why Do Cats Like Cat Grass?

Cats are instinctive animals so their behavior has a lot to do with what their survival instincts signal them to do. Cats are not omnivores as dogs are, so cats aren’t attracted to the grass for the nutritional instinct.

Scientists hypothesize that cats like cat grass because of their instinct to ingest laxatives to help with digestion and to make themselves throw up with the tickle of the cat grass on the lining of their digestive tract. 

Let’s explore further. I also want to share with you the success of my cat grass plants! I don’t have a green thumb, but I felt inspired to plant my own herbs and cat grass one day as I was soaking in the sun on my balcony. If you don’t have fresh cat grass or catnip in your home, please do your cats a favor and treat them with some fresh cat grass!

Why Do Cats Like Cat Grass?

Cat grass has many benefits. Cat grass is a source of fiber for cats so that it prevents diarrhea or constipation. And scientists think that cats instinctively gravitate toward cat grass in order to help them digest. It helps them pass worms and induces coughing up hairballs and irritable foods in their tummy because the grass tickles the walls of their digestive tract. 

Cat grass consists mainly of barley, oats and wheat. Cat grass is different from regular lawn grass, because lawn grass doesn’t sprout. Cats may be more attracted to cat grass than regular grass because of a particular smell given off by the enzymes that cat grass contains. 

Cat grass is also safer than lawn grass because lawn grass may have pesticides, so don’t let your naive indoor cat ingest grass if you are taking your cat out on a stroll.

Another benefit of cat grass for the cat owners is that it reduces cats from eating your other house plants because they have their own. And cat grass allows cats to have some nature around them since they’re cooped up inside all day.

Why Grow Your Own Cat Grass

It’s so interesting because I have a few herb plants for myself and a cat grass plant on the balcony and for some reason, Charlie and Nala aren’t interested in my herbs but they’re always munching on the cat grass. It’s not like I taught them which was which but they intuitively love the cat grass.

I’ve bought the cat grass plants from Petco before for $6.99 but they only lasted a few weeks before they dried up and withered away. I didn’t feel like spending $7 every few weeks so instead, I looked for cat grass seeds so I can plant my own.

I’m lucky because I have a balcony so I can give Charlie and Nala an outdoor play area where I keep my herbs and cat grass plant. But you don’t need to keep them outside in order for the grass to grow. You can grow them as indoor grass for your cats. So I planted my own organic (non-GMO) cat grass!

I don’t know if this is the best grass for indoor cats to be honest, but it’s working for me and my cats love it. And the best part is I used a handful in a small plant pot and that’s only 10% of how many seeds come in that bag.

The ingredients are primarily barley, oats, wheat, rye, and flax. 

How to Plant Indoor Cat Grass

1. Get the seeds! Organic, non-GMO is ideal. 

2. Get a planter and starter soil mix. For soil mix, I used the Black Gold organic potting soil available on Amazon.com

By the way, I’m not an avid gardener. I tried planting and killed a bunch before because I forgot to water them. But cat grass is hard to mess up so good practice to get your hands dirty.

3. Fill the empty planter with the soil mix up to about three-quarters of the way.

4. Sprinkle a tablespoon of the seeds spread out evenly on the bed of soil. Don’t put too many as they some space between them.

5. Fill more soil on top of the seeds to the top of the pot.

6. Then water it the planter until the soil is damp. Water slowly because as soon as you see a little bit of water puddle in the tray, stop watering so you avoid overwatering.

7. Watch it sprout in a week. And by week 3, the grass is ready for your cats to munch on!

Here’s Charlie and Nala both chomping away on the cat grass. Makes me so proud that I grew them myself!

cat grass | indoor grass for cats

Good luck and I hope you try growing your own cat grass!