NOOO, They Got Fleas Again! How to get rid of fleas on cats fast [UPDATED]

When my cats got fleas for the first time in the beginning of the year, I was totally lost, but I got through it. 

But this time, MUCH to my dismay, the same cat flea treatment DIDN’T WORK!! Well, more tragically, Charlie became allergic to the old treatment, so I had to scramble to find a new method. 

After trial and error with a couple different products, I finally have a new, updated method on how to get rid of fleas on cats effectively once and for all!

how to get rid of fleas on cats fast

Allergic Reaction to Cat Flea Treatment

The first time I was treating my cats with fleas, I wrote about how I used a combination of flea shampoo bath + Vectra + Raid flea killing spray

After that time when the fleas were no longer, I continued to use Vectra on my cats on a monthly basis. 

But on month 4, when I used Vectra on my cats again this time, Charlie became allergic. Poor guy. 

Both cats became allergic, but Charlie was meowing in what sounded like agony nonstop. 

And he was looking into the distant with his eyes half closed and his mouth agape. 

I immediately took him to the ER and the doctor said that Charlie was probably reacting negatively to the flea medication. 

So, I had to stop using it.. 

Then, months passed by, and I was able to get through the hot SoCal summer without any flea infestation and without any flea treatments, until a few weeks ago.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats Fast 

First of all, the FASTEST way to get rid of fleas on cats is to bathe them in flea treatment shampoo

I know it’s a pain in the ass for you and your cat will hate you for a week, but it’s honestly the best way to ensure all the fleas on your cat are gone right away. 

I still had the same bottle from the last time, so I used the same Advantage shampoo

I know this stuff works because you see dead flea carcasses and black specks remaining on the bathtub floor after the water drains. 

It’s absolutely disgusting so prepare yourself, but it works. 

If you’d like me to do a post on how to bathe your cat, then please leave me a comment or send me a message on Instagram!

how to get rid of fleas on cats fast copy

Easy Way to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

To ensure all those little literal buggers are out of the house and off my cats’ skin blood sucking their days away, I bathed my cats with the shampoo AND used flea medication. 

But, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of bathing your cats, then the easiest way to get rid of fleas on cats is to use an effective flea treatment medication. 

Now, you have to be careful with which flea treatment you use, because there are horrible tragic stories of cats having allergic reactions. 

Some brands of flea treatment are better than others, which is important especially for cats with sensitive skin. 

I won’t give shade to any of the brands here, but please thoroughly read reviews before purchasing a brand. 

First, I tried Vectra – My Cat BECAME ALLERGIC

So, as I mentioned above, Vectra was a no go because my Charlie became allergic. 

To be fair, Charlie was okay with it the first 3 times, and my other cat was fine with it. AND, it’s an effective product.

I would’ve used it again if Charlie didn’t react negatively.

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 4.08.27 PM

I would recommend it as a cat flea treatment that works, but if your cat starts to react negatively, please wash it off right away. 


Next, I tried Advantage II – totally ineffective

Yup, Advantage II was totally ineffective. It’s one of the most common/popular brands out there, if not the most commonly used. 

You can find it at PetCo, PetSmart, etc. 

But, more recent reviews on Amazon said that people who had used it for years found it to no longer be effective.

Best Flea Treatment for Cats with Sensitive Skin?

As I was reading about it, it became evident that in hot climates, these little fuckers were now becoming immune to Advantage II. 

I bought it anyway, because since it’s one of the most common brands, I had to give it a try and crossed my fingers that it would work. 

The box said that it would kill all the fleas within 6-12 hours. When I combed my Charlie at around the 24 hour mark, I found a very alive and kicking motherfucker. 

I hoped that maybe that was the last of it. 

But day 3 rolled around, then day 6, and day 10, and I kept finding a flea here and there and a bunch of black flea droppings and flea larvae. 

So, I can safely say that Advantage II DID NOT WORK for me in San Diego. 

Finally, I tried Cheristin – it worked!

I don’t want to jinx anything here, guys. *Knock on wood*, but 3rd time’s the charm and Cheristin for Cats worked! 

After reading a lot of reviews on different flea treatment products, I decided to purchase Cheristin, because it had over 1,500+ reviews and 4 stars. 

Other flea treatment had on average at most 4 stars and mostly were lower, so I knew there wouldn’t be one holy grail flea treatment for all cats out there. 

But the fact that this had 4 stars with that many reviews was what made me pull the trigger. 

I made sure to be home and do it before sleeping time when I administered these to my cats.

That way, they don’t have much time to groom themselves or lick it off the other cat. 

It’s been 2 weeks now, and no sign of flea droppings!

Easy Way to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

Best Flea Treatment for Cats with Sensitive Skin?

This is a cop out answer, but I want to reiterate that there is no one holy grail cat flea treatment that is the best for all cats.

That means one flea treatment might work for one cat but not the other and vice versa. 

Some cats experience a burn on their skin and lose the hair on the area that the flea treatment is applied, while for other cats, it’s totally fine.

And some cats might start getting nauseous and throw up like my cat did, while others are okay. 

So, I don’t want to go so far as to say that there is one best flea treatment for cats. 

But, if your cat has sensitive skin, here are a couple of things you can do to make sure your cat doesn’t get a chemical burn from the treatment:

Test a little bit and monitor your cat

If your cat is prone to sensitivity, then consider testing out a tiny bit of the treatment on the nape of their neck. 

Monitor your cat for any sign of sensitivity, and if they seem fine, then try administering the whole thing then. 

Swipe the treatment up instead of applying it in one spot

Another tip is when you’re applying the cat flea treatment, the area to apply it is the same, but don’t apply it all in one spot. 

Part the hair on the back of their neck (don’t go too far down to the shoulder blades, because it spreads down to their legs and they can lick it off). 

Instead of applying it in that one spot as the instructions say, swipe the treatment up about 1-2inches on their skin.

Allergic Reaction to Cat Flea Treatment vectra

How to Get Rid of Cat Fleas in the House

Last time the cats had fleas, I used Raid Flea Killer to treat the house; i.e. all the carpeted areas, upholstery with fabric and any crevices. 

I think Raid works, but the smell was just way too strong and unbearable. 

This time around, I went to PetCo and found Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Home Spray for Cats, so I decided to  give this one a try. 

How to Get Rid of Cat Fleas in the House

It advertises that it’s plant-based, but chemical is a chemical, so it’s still not good to breathe this stuff in, let alone lick it.

So, after I sprayed down each room, I would let the chemical dry and evaporate for at least 5 hours before letting the cats in. 

And, I gotta tell you, this stuff works. 

I found a live flea in Charlie’s coat before I applied Cheristin. 

I put the flea on a surface and sprayed the Vet’s Best. And within seconds, it was dead.


It’s been 2 weeks now since the second flea infestation in my home, and I’m pleased with the new treatment method. 

  1. Vet’s Best Flea spray for cats
  2. Cheristin monthly flea treatment for cats
  3. Combing the cats everyday with a flea comb for long-haired / thick coat cat 

I will be giving my cats the Cheristin every month even though they’re indoor cats, because clearly, in a hot climate like Southern California, they’re prone to getting fleas still. 

Good luck!