Free Games on iPad for Cats

Cats need brain stimulation everyday, and a poor man’s way to do it without spending a dime on cat game apps is to play free games on iPad for cats on Youtube

I should emphasize how important it is that YOU play with your cat everyday for 15 – 30 minutes. The benefits are that your cat will bond with you and your cat will enjoy it so much more. 

But, if some days you’re too busy or lazy, then using an iPad might be a good alternative. 

With apps, your cat can “catch” the object that’s moving around on the screen. But, because the objects move so quickly on the screen anyway, “catching” the object is kind of meaningless. 

Here’s a 10 minute video I made with a little mouse moving around the screen. Put it in front of your cats and keep them entertained! 


I made the video because other free games on iPad for cats on Youtube had ads and it interrupted my cats playing the game. So, I thought, how hard can it be making it myself?

If you like it (or rather, if your cats like it), please leave me a comment in the video and I’ll make more free games that are alluring to the cats’ ears and eyes.

Here’s Nala and Charlie playing the free iPad game for cats that I made in action:

Tag us on Instagram if you film your cat playing the game. We’d love to see it!!

As always, thanks for reading!